Green Bird Irrigation Systems was formed with a single purpose in mind – to transform the science of Irrigation Technology into a tool for effective water resource management. From this idea , a company with superior products began the course of leadership.


In this industry every drop of water counts. Diminishing natural resources demands conscientious use of water supplies.

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Green Bird designs the entire system and delivers everything to the job site in a single shipment.

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Drip Irrigation System Great Irrigation System Provider

Drip Irrigation System

MANUAL You will the proud owner of Green Bird Drip Irrigation Kit Green Bird Drip Irrigation Kit can be installed by anyone at home as it is a very simple procedure.
This unit can be connected to your ‘1/2 inch Water. Tap without the help of Expert.

Our Manual included in the kit explains everything that you a if need to know about its installation.
1. You need to have a “1/2” Water Tap Outlet and sufficient water pressure.
2. Insert the fitting into the tap alongwith a Lateral
Valve as shown in the diagram.
3. Layout the 16mm PE Hose around flower pots.
which need to be watered. 4. Punch hole in the 16mm PE Hose near the flower (diagram 2)
5. lnsertjoineratoneend of lateral (diagram 3)
6. lnsertthisendoflateralinto PE Hose(diagram4) 1 if 7. lnsertaDripper on the other end ofthe lateral along with Stand. (diagram 5)
8. (Complete this process in all the flower pots.
9.. Open the tap so that water cleans out the entire P1139-
10. Close the other end of the 16mm PE Hose as g shown (diagram 6)
11. Open the tap. Water trickles down in all the flowerpots simultaneouslywithoutanyspillage.
12. Close the tap when you see sufficient water has gone into the flower pots.
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