Green Bird Irrigation Systems was formed with a single purpose in mind – to transform the science of Irrigation Technology into a tool for effective water resource management. From this idea , a company with superior products began the course of leadership.


In this industry every drop of water counts. Diminishing natural resources demands conscientious use of water supplies.

Why A Green Bird

Green Bird designs the entire system and delivers everything to the job site in a single shipment.

   Costs Less to buy

Green Bird quotes you a single price for the entire system with no hidden and unknown costs.

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The Irrigation System that is best for your need!!!

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Green Bird Fountains we use water and light to beautify your environment and entertain. We hope you can find a solution from our extensive range of fountains, water features and effects. For fountain professionals who know what they want we offer a range of nozzles, components and lighting.

Beauty is not skin deep. Cutting our teeth in harsh environments has taught us the skills of designing-in durability, simplicity of maintenance, ease of use and not forgetting affordability. We want to see our fountains bringing joy and pleasure to as many as possible around the globe.

Top of the range and absolutely tops in spectacular entertainment are our Musical Fountains and Multimedia Shows these entertain thousands at a time but we have Compact Musical Fountains including a Floating version, a Mobile version and a cute self contained model.

There is more entertainment with our Artificial Volcano which thunders, belches and erupts like the real thing but is completely safe and hazard free as it is all done with water, light and sound.

Green Bird Irrigation System
A Complete Solution for Irrigation

Enter the Beautiful world of Sprinklers, Fountains, Green House, and Rain Water Harvesting”

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